Smooth Operator – A Book Review

38196437Olivia Holman is living the life that 99% of authors dream of…a Hollywood producer’s wife has fallen in love with her pirate romance story, and it’s being made into a movie. It gets better…she’s being brought on as the screenwriter. And then even BETTER…hottie Tyler Sutton has been cast as the sexy swashbuckling lead, and despite his reputation as a ladies’ man, he seems genuinely interested in Olivia as opposed (maybe?) to his gorgeous co-star.

So obviously all of us all indie authors were pinching ourselves at this point, fondly wishing it was our life, but Olivia is a fun character to live it through instead. She points out the absurdities of Hollywood without going overboard, her friends and family are awesome, and Tyler is almost too good to be true. The downsides to being famous in Hollywood are realistically touched upon, but not flogged to death beyond reality.

How to Get a Book Club to Pick You!

Untitled design In the digital age of Kindles and other e-readers, you might think that book clubs have gone the way of any other non-virtual interaction.  I can personally assure you that you are wrong…Pistils was selected by at least two book clubs (that I know of) as a featured read.  Considering it was our first venture into the world of indie publishing, I’m grateful and humbled by their faith in us.  I’ve already been approached by one of those book clubs to read Sub Rosa as well, so I’d like to share with you how you can gain entrance into this fairly tough nut to crack.

First off, let’s split book clubs into two categories: local and online.  We’ll define local book clubs as those that physically meet up, maybe at a coffee shop, bookstore, etc.  Online book clubs are those that share their thoughts virtually, something that can include readers from across the world.

Merging Your Goodreads Accounts

annie-spratt-475541-unsplashWhen I first joined Goodreads back in 2011, I joined as a reader since I was not yet an author. I did and still do love Goodreads as a reader; the sense of community and (what I feel are) more honest reviews than Amazon’s were a better-fitting home for my reading/reviewing style.

Fast forward to 2014 to when Britt and I published Pistils…I was now faced with the dilemma of whether or not to add my “author self” to my personal page.  I wasn’t at all comfortable doing so…my page was linked to my personal Facebook account, and even if I wasn’t an intensely private person by nature, every piece of authorly advice you’ll ever read screams DON’T USE YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE FOR YOUR BOOK/S!

T-Minus 36 Hours on Sub Rosa

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Friday is Publication Day for Sub Rosa!  YAY!  As soon as I have notification that Amazon has made the buy-now links available, I’ll be posting here first.  Links will also be available on Facebook on Friday.

Snippets are piling up over on Bublish, so check them out and follow me for an automatic notification when a new one goes live…including snippets for the next book(s).  There’s one more snippet before everyone has access to the Sub Rosa, so check them out while they’re still exclusive!

Time for Online Book Launch Parties!


If you’re on Facebook, there’s a very good chance you have attended or at least been invited to an Event by friends or family, or you may have hosted one yourself.  It’s a great way to keep track of who is attending while also allowing them to share the invitation, even if they can’t attend themselves.  From a promotional standpoint, it’s an incredibly valuable way to spread the word about an event beyond which you could have necessarily done alone.

I’ve “attended” an online party or two (I think the last one was for Jamberry), and it offered a remarkably wide array of ways for the host to interact with the attendees.  With that in mind, how can this be applied to your book launch?