Books & Authors 2018!

Yes, it’s that time of year again!  Time for the spring half of Leon & Lulu’s biannual Books & Authors event! This juried book signing has become a fixture in Metro Detroit, and I’m honored and thrilled to announce that I’ll be there for the second time, signing copies of both Pistils AND Sub Rosa!

Books & Authors is insanely cool on so many levels.  The store that hosts it, Leon & Lulu, is my favorite local business in all of Metro Detroit.  It takes “awesome” and cranks it up to eleven.  If you’re stuck buying a gift for someone who’s impossible to buy for, I promise you it’ll be in stock here.  They give back to the community on a non-stop basis.  The merchandise is…I can’t even describe it.  Eclectic, beautiful, varied…it’s like that one friend who is so unbelievably cool on every level but wears it with the ultimate je ne sais quoi.  If I were a baby store, I’d want to grow up to be just like Leon & Lulu.

Camp NaNoWriMo! April 2018

camp nanowrimo 2018

All right friends, I’m feeling a bit more lucky this time around!  I was derailed off the regular NaNoWriMo last November by ill health, but Camp NaNo is a bit less intense.  And to say I’m excited about my planned project is an understatement.

Working title is Snapdragons, and in the series chronology, it’s a novella that takes place just before the beginning of Pistils.  What I’m most excited about, though, is that I intend to publish and offer it permanently for free…if you or a friend haven’t read any of the Pistils series, this will give you a good-sized sample and introduction to our gals Vivian and Parker!

If you’d like to keep track of my progress (and believe me, any support will be truly appreciated!), head over to Camp Nano-land and check out how I’m doing.  If you’re participating, add me as a friend so we can cheer each other on!

Scribbler Unboxing and Review!

Processed with MOLDIVThere’s an aphorism that goes something along the lines of “if something exists, someone somewhere has found a way to make p0rn about it.”  I strongly believe the same applies to subscription boxes…there are subscription boxes for every single conceivable thing under the sun.  They appeal to our love of opening gifts, getting things in the mail (!!!), and finding things that are tailored in some way to our tastes and preferences.  I currently subscribe to  four, and my husband has devised a way of telling how awesome/not-awesome the contents are by how loudly I squeal.  It’s called the “OoooOOOOoooh!” – meter.  My latest subscription is for Scribbler, a subscription box “for authors, by authors.”  The very first box was launched for the month of March, mine arrived yesterday, and I immediately broke the “OoooOOOOoooh!” – meter.  Unboxing pics and reviews (and so therefore spoilers, if you haven’t received yours yet) are below the jump!

Engaging New Readers with Bublish!

annie-spratt-303940-unsplashBack in the days when an agent was required to present your work to a traditional publishing house, there was a grim catch-22: in order to get published, you needed an agent, but to get an agent, you needed to be published.  It’s amazing that any of those many authors who were repeatedly rejected doggedly persevered anyway.  Indie publishing has evened the playing field somewhat, but we’re up against a new version of the same problem: to have successful sales, you need to have a readership, and to get that readership, you need to get your book read.

To do that, indie authors tirelessly work all the tools and references available to them, but one that I strongly believe is criminally underused is Bublish.  I think it’s the very nature of its unique features that make authors tend to pass it by, which is a shame, because it offers reader engagement like no other site, and can help you catch the eye of a reader-to-be.

International Women’s Day – As an Author

Intl Women Day LogoMarch 8th is designated as International Women’s Day, “a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.”  I look forward every year to seeing how people share their thoughts and experiences on this day, and this year, I thought I’d share some of mine.

I’m writing today as a female author who writes books about strong women.  I’m privileged to be able to publish these books under my own (obviously) female name.  This was not always the case for women and, even in 2018, authors are still concealing their gender via a pen name.  

Sub Rosa Launch Party – Come On In!


Today is the official launch event for Sub Rosa!  The party is over on the Facebook page and everyone is invited…there will be prizes, events, giveaways, interactive posts, videos and more fun stuff, so don’t hesitate to come by!

It’s all day, from 9am-9pm EST, and it’s all online, so you can pop in whenever you want to say hi and opt in to win a prize (including Amazon gift cards and autographed paperbacks).

If you could share the event with any other book lovers in your life, I’d truly appreciate it!  Hope to see you shortly!!!

xoxo – Kate