Autographed Bookplates

Do you have a hard copy of Pistils that you’d love to have signed by both of us?  Just drop us an e-mail at with BOOKPLATE as the subject and pretty please include the following:
1) Mailing address (within the U.S. only for right now)
2) Who you’d like the bookplate personalized for (yourself or a giftee)
3) How you’d like it personalized, e.g. “To Mary from her book-obsessed niece, Jane”…or we can surprise you with something fun!


And where do you pay?  Well there’s the best part…YOU DON’T!!!!  As a genuine heartfelt THANK YOU from us to you, we’re truly pleased to offer these personalized and signed bookplates FOR FREE to carefully place inside your Pistils paperback.

*Free bookplate details: YES, THEY’RE FREE!  We promise, no cost or shipping fees!  We just ask that you please agree to the following…kindly limit the number of bookplates you request to the number that will actually be matched into books.  Orders of five or more may get a side-eye.  Well, except for Amanda (aka The Superfan).  To keep costs realistic and bookplates FREE for all fans, they will be shipped in a standard business envelope via First Class Mail, and we can’t guarantee delivery dates (e.g. Christmas).  We’ll mail them out as they’re requested.

To protect your privacy, the mailing address you e-mail us will NOT be used for any other purposes, and your e-mail will be permanently deleted after your bookplate is mailed out.

If you have a special request (e.g. upgraded shipping or even the book hard-copy personalized by both Britt and Kate, gift-wrapped and mailed to the recipient), shoot us an e-mail with your request, and we’ll reply with an honest price estimate.

No resale permitted (duh).

Any questions, just contact us!

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