Book Clubs

Are you a member or leader of a local or online book club?  If you’re interested in making a Twintype Books novel one of your featured reads, please let us know!

The formal Book Club package is available: for a minimum purchase of ten paperbacks, you will receive 20% off each book, every copy will be personalized and signed, an autographed bookmark tucked between its pages, and the package will be shipped FREE to your club coordinator’s address!  Please place this order as early as possible, to account for printing, processing and shipping time!

If you’d prefer not to go the package route, we’re still happy to send some book club goodies your way!  Let us know how many you need, and a package will be sent your way with personalized/signed bookplates and signed bookmarks for FREE!

Upon request, we’re also happy to take part in your discussion via Skype, FaceTime, etc.

Shoot us an email at and let us know!