1. What formats are your books available in?  All our books are available in paperback as well as e-book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords, etc.
  2. My paperback book arrived damaged!  What should I do?  All paperbacks are printed and shipped through Amazon/B&N, so unfortunately we never see them before they’re shipped to you (otherwise we’d probably wrap them up all pretty).  If your book arrives damaged, please please please do not leave a one-star review on  Amazon/B&N based solely on that…this will have a negative effect on our overall rating, due to something we can’t control.  Luckily, both have wonderful damages/returns policies, and you should contact them directly to get a nice clean copy in your hands!  Please also contact them directly if your paperback order doesn’t arrive in a timely manner.
  3. Are you on Goodreads??  We are indeed on Goodreads, Kate is here and Britt is here.
  4. I’d love to see you write about _____ on the blog!  Again, Contact Us!  If we end up using your idea, you will get credit for coming up with it!
  5. Will you read and write a review of my book?  Twintype Books isn’t a book review blog, although we may occasionally review a book that one or both of us really found amazing (just to keep things fresh).  For that reason, we generally don’t accept requests to read/review, as we genuinely don’t have the time to read/review/rave as your book deserves.
  6. How about interviewing me as an author?  As long as you’ve got interesting insightful things to say, and have published at least one book, we’d love to interview you!  Either Contact Us or hey, maybe we’ll stalk you and e-mail you first!
  7. Can I get an autographed copy of my paperback?  Absolutely!  Head on over to our Freebies! page to find out how!

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