Britt (l) and Kate (r) in NYC

About Kate!  I’ve been writing and “publishing” my own books since I was eight years old…and I’m pretty sure my mom still has that first construction-paper bound mini-novel to prove it!  I’m married to a wonderful chef, love photography, knitting and reading.  In addition to fiction through Twintype Books (I write Vivian’s POV in Pistils and in Sub Rosa), I write movie reviews over at Film Obsession.

About Britt!  From filling notebooks with poems as a child (which are sadly long-gone) to writing some of the best ‘N Sync fiction known to man in my teenage years (which thank GOD are long-gone), writing has been a passion that I’ve never been able to shake. I have an amazing husband who plays with trains for a living, a four-month-old son, a ten-year-old stepdaughter, and two sweet little puppers. When I’m not writing Parker’s POV in the Pistils series, you can find me nose-deep in my Kindle, or spending time with my friends and family.

About Twintype Books LLC!  Kate and Britt have been writing together since 2009, although Pistils was their first published novel written together under their own imprint.  You can reach them on Twitter, @twintypebooks and on Facebook!



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  1. Dixie Minor

    Thank you for visiting my blog! That is so exciting that after several years of working together, you guys are going to be publishing your novel soon! It sounds like a good premise and a good setting. I love the backgrounds you shared about yourselves; I can relate except I am much older. 🙂 Which I can tell of course by your picture as well as the ‘N Sync reference! I like your humor and creativity and will enjoy following your blog!


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