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This weekend I have been a busy little bee getting all-things-autographs finished and ready to go!  Free autographed bookplates and bookmarks have always been a thing, and will continue to be so, but now I’m working on a storefront that will allow you to purchase the paperbacks with the personalization/autograph written on the actual title page, instead of using a bookplate…I’ve found that these are super-popular as gifts!  It’s a work-in-progress for the weekend, but my goal is for it to be fully-stocked by Monday, and you can check it out here!  (Evil sneaky hint: if you are an OG fan of Julip Bags, there will be crossover.  MWAH-HA-HA!!!)


But why should paperback-buyers have all the fun?  I’ve also set up an account on, which allows you to have your e-book signed by the author.  Yes, you read that right…you can now collect an autograph on a digital e-book!  The way it works: head over to and select a book by one of your favorite authors.  Write a message to the author so they can personalize your e-book autograph and BAM, it’s delivered to your e-reader!

Two things that I think are really cool about this:

  1. They can be personalized!  Just as if you’d stood in line for hours in a bookstore/convention hall to get your favorite author’s autograph, made out TO YOU!
  2. The authorgraphs aren’t inserted into your e-book per se, instead they’re kept in a separate collection.  This is very similar to what I do with mine…I have a separate shelf JUST for those hard-/paperback books that have been autographed by the author.  They’re separate because they’re special!

There’s an FAQ about Authorgraph here, and you can view (and request an authorgraph from!) my account here!

Do you do anything special with your autographed books?  Let me know in the comments!!!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema