Bookmarks for Free!

I’ve made little references to this in the past, but free signed Twintype Books bookmarks are officially here!  If you’ve been following for a while, you know that signed bookplates have been available free for some time…if you’re like me and have a special love for autographed books, but purchased a copy via Amazon, never fear!  Fill out the form and I’ll send you a customized, autographed bookplate to lovingly place in your paperback.  But more about that in a moment…

Right now, though, autographed bookMARKS are available for FREE!  These are currently the Sub Rosa design, but I intend on adding one design for each book in the future.  If you’d like one, please just click on Free Bookmarks (or Autographed Bookmarks under the Fun Stuff dropdown), fill out the form, and a package of spine-saving beauty will be on its way to you!

Front and back!

One thing I want to make very clear: absolutely nothing will be done with your mailing address aside from giving me a place to send your bookmarks.  The email notification I receive with your request is deleted immediately after I label your envelope.  Scammers and people who sell others’ personal information are the scum of the earth; you will not be added to any mailing lists or start receiving junk mail from Twintype Books over a bookmark.

I’m super-tickled to now be able to extend this offer (including the bookplates!) internationally as well!  Please understand that as this is a free offer, deliveries will be via a plain envelope, there won’t be any fancy wrapping or anything along those lines.


In return, I humbly ask that you only ask for as many bookmarks as you need (e.g. two if you own both Pistils and Sub Rosa), or for a few more if you’d like to give them to friends.  If you’re requesting quite a few for a book club (for example), please just let me know.  Along those same lines, if you’d like for me to mail them directly to a friend/family member as a gift, I’m more than happy to do so!

So…I teased about books up in that first paragraph…have you signed up to be notified when the next book, Thistles, is available?  Because it’s soon.  Like WHOA soon.  You can click on this Thistles notification if you want to be notified first that it’s available!

Poll of the day: in a pinch, what’s your favorite bookmark?  Mine is usually a postcard or bill that came in the mail that day.  What’s yours?  Let me know in the comments!