3-D Images of Your Book Cover

sub rosa 3d
It’s amazing how fate can sometimes do you a major favor and save you from yourself.  Just the other day, I was mournfully contemplating how I was probably going to have to end up paying for a 3-D rendering of my book cover, when I came a site created by Derek Murphy.  And there it was…a 3-D book cover generator.  “Something Good” from The Sound of Music began playing in the background as I clicked in, uploaded the cover for Sub Rosa, and BOOM, my world changed!

To quote the site itself: “Finally, an easy-to-use tool for making book mockups and 3D covers.  It’s about damn time.”


This tool is so incredibly easy, you may worry that you’re just not getting it.  Don’t worry, you are.  Step 1: choose the template you’d like.  These range from paperbacks to hardbacks to e-readers, all striking a pose at different angles:


Or you can also choose “Composite,” which will show off your book cover in multiple formats in one image:


Step 2: Upload your file, then scroll down and indicate if you want your image to be a JPEG or transparent PNG (my personal preference).  It now generates your supermodel book, struttin’ its stuff, looking FABULOUS!

Helpful hint: I found that in the Browse/Upload step, I got a little hung up because after I uploaded, the file name didn’t appear in the Browse box.  Never fear, just go ahead and click Upload, it’s there, just hiding.



I don’t think I have to spell this out, but the possibilities for marketing, advertising, social media, etc. are practically endless.

The ONLY thing I’d also love to see is the ability to create a graphic for multiple books in one image: e.g. if you’re selling a compilation of a series and would like to show off all the covers, or a collection with all the spines showing.  An easy way around this would be to create a new cover for the compilation, though, which I think is a better and clearer solution anyway,

You can find this fantastic tool at DIY Book Covers, where they also offer (duh) DIY Book Covers.  I’m definitely going to give that option a try as well, as I have a free novella coming out soon that I can’t yet afford to pay designer services for.

If you give this tool a try, please share with other authors, and let me know too…I’d love to see your lovely covers come to life!