Smooth Operator – A Book Review

38196437Olivia Holman is living the life that 99% of authors dream of…a Hollywood producer’s wife has fallen in love with her pirate romance story, and it’s being made into a movie. It gets better…she’s being brought on as the screenwriter. And then even BETTER…hottie Tyler Sutton has been cast as the sexy swashbuckling lead, and despite his reputation as a ladies’ man, he seems genuinely interested in Olivia as opposed (maybe?) to his gorgeous co-star.

So obviously all of us all indie authors were pinching ourselves at this point, fondly wishing it was our life, but Olivia is a fun character to live it through instead. She points out the absurdities of Hollywood without going overboard, her friends and family are awesome, and Tyler is almost too good to be true. The downsides to being famous in Hollywood are realistically touched upon, but not flogged to death beyond reality.

That being said, I did find myself wanting to shake Olivia until her teeth rattled…it’s one thing to be guarded and wary because of the gouges others have left on your heart, but Olivia is downright cruel at times, leaving me not very sympathetic to her character. She also didn’t seem to be very self-aware, in that at one point she knew she had screwed things up with Tyler while trying to protect herself, but didn’t seem to GET how hurtful her actions had (repeatedly) been, or how lucky she was that he was so forgiving.

Overall, though, this is a fun sweet read, and the sexytimes were delicious while appropriate to the overall tone of the novel. I was also very excited at the not-so-subtle hints that there will be spinoffs involving some of the other characters! Count me in!

Score: Four out of Five Stars!

***I received a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review. Smooth Operator will be available for purchase on 3/1/18.  This review has been cross-posted to Goodreads.***