Merging Your Goodreads Accounts

annie-spratt-475541-unsplashWhen I first joined Goodreads back in 2011, I joined as a reader since I was not yet an author. I did and still do love Goodreads as a reader; the sense of community and (what I feel are) more honest reviews than Amazon’s were a better-fitting home for my reading/reviewing style.

Fast forward to 2014 to when Britt and I published Pistils…I was now faced with the dilemma of whether or not to add my “author self” to my personal page.  I wasn’t at all comfortable doing so…my page was linked to my personal Facebook account, and even if I wasn’t an intensely private person by nature, every piece of authorly advice you’ll ever read screams DON’T USE YOUR PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE FOR YOUR BOOK/S!

So I did the same thing everyone else in that situation was doing: I created a second account as my author page, claimed my book there, and embarked upon the frustrating journey of trying to juggle the two.  I wanted to make friends and connections and share blog posts and answer questions and everything else authors do, but I felt it appeared disingenuous since my lengthy list of Books Read was over on my personal account.  After a while, I virtually gave up trying to maintain the author account, since the personal account was already established and easy to keep updated.  But it rankled that I couldn’t link Pistils, something we had worked very hard on and were extremely proud of, to that account.

Goodreads icon

At that time, it was the only way to do it, and Goodreads even had a little disclaimer buried in fine print that indicated it was currently unable to merge those two accounts together.  Sad panda.

Fast forward again to 2018.  As I was getting ready to publish Sub Rosa, I decided that I was over the juggling act, and that although I’m still a very private person, I was more comfortable merging certain parts of my personal reading life with my professional writing one.  So I figured what the heck and I emailed Goodreads customer support ( asking if it would be possible to merge the two accounts.

Within less than a day (and over the weekend no less!) I received a very sweet email from a Goodreads rep named Monique who assured me that yes, it was certainly possible to merge the two.  She outlined exactly what that would entail (virtually nothing on my part) and asked me to let her know if I wanted to continue.

Oh happy day!  I emailed her back and she promptly merged the two, along with a few tips and an offer to contact her if I ran into any issues.  I ran straight over to Goodreads and tweaked my (now combined) accounts into one big beautiful author account.

Moral of the story is: if you are in a situation like I was, it’s now possible to merge your two accounts.  I was extremely impressed with the quickness and helpfulness I received from Goodreads’ customer service.  If your situation is a little different, check out their Goodreads Author Program FAQ!

If you found this information helpful, please don’t hesitate to pass it on via social media…I would have done this ages ago if I’d known it was a possibility!

And finally, if you have an author account on Goodreads, feel free to share the link/username in the comments so I can follow you!