Sub Rosa Writing Phase is DONE!

SubRosaDoneWe’re having a little celebration because tonight, after two years, a lot of doubt, frustration, joy and excitement, I typed the final words of Sub Rosa, the “prequel” to Pistils. 

Now, onto the editing, then the promotion, publishing, and more promotion.  I’m very lucky that I’ve always been a “final draft” kind of writer…I do all my research as I go, I tend to work on parts that are bothering me instead of skipping ahead until later.  When I’m experiencing writer’s block, I go back and work on existing content instead of staring at a blank screen, wishing for new content.  So please cross your fingers for me!

This book has been a long time coming, it was what I worked on during when my NaNoWriMo novel went down in flames (more on that later), and I can’t wait to share it with you!  I don’t want to jinx myself by setting a publication date just yet, but it will be very early in 2018.

In the meantime, I couldn’t ask for a better (early) Christmas present to give myself!  Cheers!


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