NaNoWriMo Tip #3!

Buddy up!

Fitness magazines have advocated having a partner (or partners!) in crime since the invention of the printing press.  The first reason is the most obvious: accountability!  It’s much harder to palm off an excuse about why you can’t work out (or, in our case, write) to a buddy.  If you’re good at coming up with excuses, you’ll need that motivation to keep you plugging away until your daily writing habit is formed and established.  Trust me, I know, I’ll get around to writing that book about procrastination one of these days!

There are other great positive reasons to buddy up, though!  A good NNWM buddy (yourself included!) can mean having:

  1. A cheerleader
  2. A sounding board
  3. A motivator
  4. A shoulder to cry laugh on
  5. A beta reader
  6. A voice of reason and sanity
  7. A fan (hopefully!)

You can find and add buddies on NNWM’s website.  Be creative, though…put up a post on your social media, prominently display some NNWM swag on your laptop as you merrily type away in a coffeehouse, join an online group where you already share another common interest (Ravelry!).

Ideally, your buddy will also be participating in NNWM, but it’s not a requirement.  Family members will probably be your #1 fans, albeit slightly biased, or you can promise a free copy of and Acknowledgements mention in your new novel to a coworker or other casual acquaintance to get them on board.

My favorite thing about having a really good solid NNWM buddy is that you have someone to celebrate with you if when you finish your novel!  Your buddy will recognize the awesome magnitude of what you’ve both done, and will share your joy along with a bottle of champagne!

Feel free to add me as a buddy over on the NNWM website, just search for Kate McNeil!  You’re also more than welcome to add me as a friend on Goodreads any time of the year, not just in November!