Kate’s Summer Reading List AND Kindle First September Pick

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the U.S., the unofficial beginning of the end to summer.  *pout*  As promised, though, here’s the list of books that I read over the past few months per my Goodreads account:

  1. Dark Places – Gillian Flynn – rated 2 stars
  2. Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn – rated 3 stars
  3. As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride – Cary Elwes – rated 5 stars
  4. Sugar – Deirdre Riordan Hall – rated 3 stars
  5. Eyes on You – Kate White – rated 2 stars
  6. The Mist – Stephen King – rated 3 stars
  7. The Good Neighbor – A.J. Banner – rated 3 stars
  8. The Selection – Kiera Cass – rated 1 star

Reviews (if I wrote one) are on my Goodreads account…as always, feel free to shoot me a friend request!

And now for my Kindle First September pick…

hotsurHot Sur by Laura Restrepo!

Book blurb:

From revered Colombian writer Laura Restrepo comes the smart, thrilling story of a young woman trying to outrun a nightmare.  María Paz is a young Latin American woman who, like many others, has come to America chasing a dream. When she is accused of murdering her husband and sentenced to life behind bars, she must struggle to keep hope alive as she works to prove her innocence. But the dangers of prison are not her only obstacles: gaining freedom would mean facing an even greater horror lying in wait outside the prison gates, one that will stop at nothing to get her back. Can María Paz survive this double threat in a land where danger and desperation are always one step behind, and safety and happiness seem just out of reach?

I’ve been reading a lot of translated books lately…we just started a book club at work and our first pick is Death With Interruptions (I’ll definitely be cross-posting a review about that!)…a book that wasn’t originally written in English always seems to have an extra lyrical quality to me, and I hope Hot Sur is no exception!

What did you choose as your Kindle First pick this month?  And Happy Labor Day!



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