Wherein Pistils Gets Its Own Commercial…

So fun fact about me…I don’t picture characters in my head when I’m reading or writing.  Obviously when writing I have a character sketch in my mind, but I don’t SEE the character as so many people do…I admire yet don’t GET the people who are able to do the “My actor pic for this character” thing on Goodreads.  This revelation led to a loooooooong discussion between myself and Britt wherein I figured out that I just don’t SEE a character even as I write them.

I genuinely wonder if it’s due to having number form synesthesia (something I didn’t even know was “a thing” until a 60 Minutes report made me scream HOLY S**T THAT’S ME!!!!!!!)…my current job involves processing and rattling off strings of numbers, and there are times when I almost have to put my finger on the computer screen and read it out like a child, because I just can’t READ a string of numbers.  Numbers to me exist in a three-dimensional shape, and have ever since I learned them (including learning them in Spanish courtesy of Sesame Street!).

So anyway, yes, there’s a point to all this.  Back when we were finishing Pistils, for fun one day, Britt and I made a private Pinterest board of our personal visualizations of the characters (and for the record, she is AMAZING at finding the absolute perfect picture for these occasions).  I found The Perfect Picture that gave me conflicted feelings about a main character of the book/s.  Click on if you want to see!

I think I typed “short brown hair handsome man” or something similar into Google Images when trying to figure out David Coburn and it gifted me with this:

CoburnGerardWhich immediately made us both go WTF?!?!? since our knee-jerk reaction to pics of Gerard Butler default to something like this:

gerardbutlerYEAH, NO.

But then, just a few days ago, I saw a tv ad and immediately texted Britt:

Get ready to scream UNNNFFFFF and then feel very guilty and confused.

Because somewhere along the way, Boss decided to do us a solid and embody David Coburn in one single ad.

/Disclaimer: before we get sued, no, Boss didn’t make us a commercial, although we wouldn’t say no if they offered.

If you’ve read the book, what do you think of this remarkable Not-Made-For-US ad?  If not, do you visualize your characters?  And how?  Let us know in the comments!