Bits & Pieces

Sooooo…I thought that would be a clever blog post title, considering the content and also since I love oldies…until I put the song on in the background and remembered how depressing a cheerful song can be.  Well…at least I didn’t bust out with any Gary Puckett*shudderbarf*

Bits & Pieces #1: Yet another fabulous book blogger has reviewed Pistils!  Go check out D A Bale’s website and leave her some love!!!

Bits & Pieces #2: Dixie Minor, we got your Social Media Tag, and will be pouncing on it ASAP…quite possibly with snippets/hints from the next book!

Bits & Pieces #3: METRO DETROIT PEEPS!  Big big news coming in the next couple of days…yes, the same news I hinted about previously.  Including FREE STUFF FOR EVERYONE EVERYWHERE!  Because who doesn’t like FREE STUFF?

Bits & Pieces #4: If you know Kate and/or Britt in real life, we’ll FINALLY have in our possession a pile of paperbacks in case you’ve been patiently waiting to buy one from us instead of Amazon.

Bits & Pieces #5: And getting back to FREE STUFF…reading Pistils through the Kindle Lending Library will be ending this month.  Don’t forget to go borrow if you’d like a chance to read it as part of your Amazon Prime/Unlimited membership!


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