Kate’s September Kindle First/Lending Library Picks!

It’s a new month!  Picking out two new books to read for free is one of my favorite things about Amazon Prime (and trust me, I LOOOOVE and use my membership daily), so here are my September Picks!

Kindle First Pick: The Moonlight Palace by Liz Rosenberg


Agnes Hussein, descendant of the last sultan of Singapore and the last surviving member of her immediate family, has grown up among her eccentric relatives in the crumbling Kampong Glam palace, a once-opulent relic given to her family in exchange for handing over Singapore to the British.

Now Agnes is seventeen and her family has fallen into genteel poverty, surviving on her grandfather’s pension and the meager income they receive from a varied cast of boarders. As outside forces conspire to steal the palace out from under them, Agnes struggles to save her family and finds bravery, love, and loyalty in the most unexpected places. The Moonlight Palace is a coming-of-age tale rich with historical detail and unforgettable characters set against the backdrop of dazzling 1920s Singapore.

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Pick: Containment by Christian Cantrell


A brilliant young scientist and one of the first humans born on Venus, Arik works tirelessly to perfect the science of artificial photosynthesis, a project crucial to the future of his home, V1. The colony was built on the harsh Venusian surface by the Founders, the first humans to establish a permanent extraterrestrial settlement. Arik’s research becomes critical when he awakens from an unexplained, near-fatal accident and learns that his wife is three months pregnant. Unless Arik’s research uncovers a groundbreaking discovery, V1’s oxygen supply will not be able to support the increase in population that his baby represents.

As Arik works against time, he begins to untangle the threads of his accident, which seem inextricably linked to what lies outside the protective walls of V1—a world where the caustic atmosphere and extreme heat make all forms of known life impossible. For its entire existence, Arik’s generation has been expected to help solve the problems of colonization. But as Arik digs deeper and deeper, he discovers alarming truths about the planet that the Founders have kept hidden. With growing urgency and increasing peril, Arik finds himself on a journey that will push him to the limits of his intelligence and take him beyond the unimaginable.

What books are you reading this month?  Let me know in the comments!


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  2. Dixie Minor

    I haven’t tried the Kindle Lending Library yet; thank you for reminding me! I am reading Terry Pratchett’s “I Shall Wear Midnight,” and it is great! Also just finished a Lucas Davenport book by John Sandford, “Field of Prey.” For some reason, I like to read detective novels on vacation; they tend to be page turners and help me relax and sleep in a different place. 🙂 (My husband and I just got back from Wyoming.)


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