Crazy Popular is Crazy Popular, So Say the Masses

Perhaps second only to the 50 Shades of Blah movie in terms of OMG TEH BOOK IS NOW A MOVIE!!!!!! is Gone Girl.

I had very…ummm…mixed feelings about the book, and my review reflected that.  Well, perhaps not so mixed just…polarized.  Most people who have read it have very distinct “before the…” and “after the…” reactions to it.  To tell you more would be to spoil it.  And watch the trailer without fear, it doesn’t give away much…except that Ben Affleck is Nick?  Well…alrighty then.  I’m sure he fits right in at The Bar.  /meta tee hee

Have you read Gone Girl?  Feel free to spoil away in your comment or link to your review of it!  What did you think?  Love it, hate it, meh it…are you planning to see the movie?


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  1. Dixie Minor

    I thought as far as plot goes, the book was brilliant, and REALLY different, but I like books that have a MC I pull for more and sympathize with more. I like to like the MC’s, even if they are terribly flawed, and in this case I don’t like them! But I know not everyone is like me. I will probably see the movie just to see what effect it has on me. . . I was chilled by the book.


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