Surrounded by Inspiration, Happy Birthday Detroit, and “IT”

In honor of Friday-Eve, I think I’ll go in reverse order of the title of this post!

“It,” aka the trailer at least one person on your Facebook went bonkers over today…we know there are two or three of you wondering what Britt and I thought about the 50 Shades of Blah trailer, right?  You followed us over from the Watchalong, right?  Well duh, obviously we’re going to cowatch it (we’ve scheduled it in for Sunday), and maybe post a mini-recap.  For some reason we feel we’re a lot funnier in chat (remember, we live almost 550 miles apart) so that means we’ll probably just copy/paste it.  Which means it’ll look something like this:

Kate: What in the……
Britt: D-:

You’ve been warned.  In the meantime, you can read an awesome recap here!

Happy Birthday DetroitCampus Martius was just starting to get its party on when I headed home today, and I’m sure there’s more than one person passed out in the sand in front of the tiki hut by now.  Yes, in downtown Detroit.  There is a beach and a tiki hut with bartenders that frown on diluting booze with mixers.  The people-watching is superb!

Which leads me to my last point…inspiration.  I work in downtown Detroit, and I absolutely love it.  Metro Detroit has been my adopted home off-and-on for seventeen years now, and most people who live in this area will agree that it’s a pretty tight yet friendly community.  Yes, Detroit has its problems, but there is so much cool stuff going on that never gets mentioned.

Exhibit A: if all you’ve seen or read recently/ever about Detroit involves blight, corruption, and ruin-porn, you definitely didn’t know about the beach and the tiki hut.  Although maybe referencing people passed out in the sand was a bad example…how about the fact that when I leave work every day, I walk past ginormous chessboards (with ginormous pieces) where total strangers will pause and play a few moves against each other?  Or the outdoor piano that anyone can sit down and tickle?  The genuine friendliness from people I pass?  The numerous spots that have been in too many movies to count that I stroll by on my way to the parking garage?

Today I was grumpy leaving work because I had a bad case of OMG-I-WANT-TO-WRITE-BUT-MY-MOJO-IS-FLAAAAAAAAAT.  Thankfully I snapped out of my funk because the Detroit birthday had brought even more interesting characters into the area, and they were fascinating!  I can’t say that I’ll write stories about the funny, colorful, crazy stuff and people I witnessed this afternoon, but for just a moment, putting myself in their heads shifted my viewpoint enough to inspire me again.

And I realized I’m surrounded by inspiration every day…I’ve just got to look for it to get the boost I need.



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