You OWE US That Book NOW! (and more news)

No, believe it or not, I’m not referring to myself in that title…the novella is still in very good shape and I’m feeling more and more excited the closer I get to the end!  (In a good way.  Not in a Oh thank God it’s almost done way.)

In my last post, I mentioned that the Vivian novella was going to be pushed back a little bit due to real life, etc., and that my next post had something to do with that topic. 

I read a LOT of blogs, especially by writers I enjoy, and something I saw recently (although it actually happened several months ago) freaked me out a little bit.  There is an author whose books I very much enjoy (I won’t be adding links or details since the drama has died down and I don’t want to poke it), has a really good-sized solid readership, but is very much one of “us.”  She self-publishes and is friendly, interactive, and responsive to her fans.

After I found her blog (and squealed with delight like a little girl) I proceeded to read back through her archives, and there I discovered the dark side of being unable to deliver on fans’ expectations, even when it wasn’t her fault.

Basically, her latest book was hotly anticipated by the fans.  The author had set a release date and time, and many fans promised to be on Amazon at midnight, One-Click-Ordering at the ready.  Her last blog post before the release showed how excited both she and her fans were.  Midnight came and…no book.

To say the shit hit the fan would be an understatement.

Fans flocked back to the blog and expressed disappointment, while some tried to be pragmatic and pointed out that simply pressing “Publish” at midnight (especially for self-published authors) doesn’t automagically put the book up for sale on Amazon.

Yet some of the fans lost their damn fool minds.

Their comments ranged from bitter, to furious, to outraged, to threatening.  Yes, threatening.  The kind that went “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS TO YOUR FANS, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS AND IT’S 12:05 AND I STILL DON’T HAVE IT!  WELL YOU’VE LOST A READER, AND I’LL BE SURE TO LEAVE A REVIEW SAYING EXACTLY WHAT I THINK ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PROMISES!”  (shouty-caps intentional)

A few threw profanity her way.

By the time the poor author made it to her blog, the comments were in the hundreds, all of them in some way expressing disappointment that the book they’d so looked forward to wasn’t available yet.  Most were nice and supportive when the author explained that Amazon was what was holding up the release, not her, but there were a few who spit on her explanation and flounced her, her blog, and her books (and made sure everyone knew it).

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face…although I personally think they probably snuck back and bought the book anyway.

Those of us who have published a book on Amazon know that it’s not as easy as people might think.  When Britt and I published Pistils, it took a solid three hours for it to show up initially, and then another five when we had to update some of the info.  There is nothing automagical about Amazon!

I’m extremely wary of nailing down a solid promise with a date and time (unless it’s my boss telling me something has to be done by the end of the day), and reading about this author’s experience just solidified my resolve.  Life happens.  Amazon happens.  Things happen that are firmly out of our control, and that includes the reaction of people who take “disappointment” to a whole new vicious level.

Lest you think this entire post has been one big coded message for “Ummm, Vivian isn’t going to be out any time soon,” fear not!  Just know that when it’s ready, we’ll give you a release date.  Just not a time.

In somewhat-unrelated news, I finally got around to creating a new personal Twitter for myself!  It’ll still be very much focused on my writerly life, but more things from my personal life (like I just got a Fitbit!  Whoo-hoo!!!! Let’s be friends!!!), and we like to keep our official Twintype Books Twitter account focused on more serious business stuff…

Anyhoo, even if you already follow the TTB Twitter, come over and give me a follow!  I promise to be entertaining and funny and useful and as long as you aren’t a spammer or have Justin Bieber as your avi, I’ll follow you back!

Also, I’m going to start putting book reviews on the blog, although I’ll confess they’ll probably be copy/pasted from my Goodreads account.  Britt tells me my reviews are funny (especially when I rant), but then again she’s one of my best friends so she has to say that.  😀  I’ll be primarily pulling from my Kindle First, Kindle Lending Library, and NetGalley selections, as well as the random gems I stumble across…I’ll be interested to hear if any of you have read them as well!




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