Blog Wranglin’…Twice the Work of Riding the Bull, but Twice the Satisfaction!

For those of you who use WordPress’s Reader to keep up with your blog reading, God bless you.  I gave up.  It was just a hot mess that didn’t seem even remotely organized.  I really like to try following every blog that follows us (for at least a few posts) to give them a try…I’ve found some amazing people and blogs that way.  Unfortunately as the number of blogs I followed grew and grew…I started procrastinating on my blog reading, because the Reader was such a mess.

In desperation, I went back to my old old OLD standby, Bloglines, and finally managed to get all the blogs I follow in there.  Unfortunately (unless I just haven’t found the toggle option yet, which is entirely possible), it is basically showing a list of EVERY. SINGLE. NEW. POST.  So if a site puts up twenty posts in one day, that’s going to be twenty items to go through (not even counting other blogs’ posts from the day).  That means clicking through at least one hundred posts per day and trying to figure out which ones are worth reading if I’m short on time, etc.

I did eyeball Bloglovin‘ real quick, but it appears to have the same “Pinterest-looking” display that is also available on Bloglines.  I didn’t sign up to find out if it has a “list view” function.

So, my friends, here is what I’m looking for…basically, what Bloglines was back in Ye Olden Days (y’know, like nine or ten years ago).  A list of blogs that have new content in the left-hand column, and if you click on them, the new posts show up in the right hand column to scroll through slowly or quickly.  It doesn’t have to be EXACTLY like this, but anything a bit more neat and organized in appearance would be much appreciated.

Anyone have any suggestions?  How do you keep up on your blog reading?



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    I agree. The reader is a mess. But I just use that, and I click back my own links and those who like or comment to remind myself who I’m following. It’s not foolproof though 😦 I wish there was a better, more organised reader.


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