What Is This You Say? A NEW BOOK????

Here it is…………

My name, Vivian, means alive

I lived, yes…I lived, I learned, I remembered. I won’t lie and say my life was horrible, because it could have been a million times worse. But it taught me too young how to distrust those you should love, and then how to guard yourself against people who would never drop those smiles, even as they stab you in the back.

At one time, I was Vivian Carmichael, Case Officer for the Central Intelligence Agency. Overnight I became persona non grata, burned by the agency that had trained and guided me, all in service for the county I would have given my life for.

This is my story, although I’m not supposed to tell it. I don’t care anymore, because I will tell it, and I will be waiting and watching for anyone who may be watching me as well…

Release Date: Spring/Summer 2017, stay tuned (or sign up for e-mail notifications in the left sidebar) for more details!!!


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