The Liebster Blog Award…Kate and Britt Style! (aka You’re in Trouble)

We found out last night that the lovely and talented Olivia of Often Clueless, Always Shoeless had nominated us for The Liebster Blog Award!  Thank you Olivia!

The basics are as follows: it originated in Germany and was intended to recognize blogs with (insert number here, it’s changed over the years) or fewer followers.  You get to share random facts about yourself, you answer questions about yourself, then you nominate the next bloggers.  You probably meet some new friends too!

Obviously, the originators of the Liebster Blog Award have never met Kate and Britt.  BWAH HA HA HA!!!!!!

Kate normally gleefully deletes anything even remotely resembling a chain letter, to the point that even her Facebook friends don’t bother tagging her anymore.  This one was kinda fun, though, and we actually enjoyed reading random facts about Olivia, someone we only have the pleasure of knowing in cyber-life.  So we’re going to play along, and put our own twist on it, as we always do.  liebster-award-bold


  • Kate: I’m married to an extremely talented chef.
    Britt: I rescued a little Min Pin named Ruby that is my whole world.
  • Kate: I have and use two spinning wheels. I prefer merino.
    Britt: I live with my boyfriend/train engineer, who is awesome and has a red beard. (side note: When I was little, I was TERRIFIED of men with red beards)
  • Kate: I’m a JRT-mama. I can’t imagine having any other kind of dog.
    Britt: I cry when I watch So You Think You Can Dance. Every time.
  • Kate: I dream in sound, color, smell, and vivid vision. Nightmares are the worst.
    Britt: I have an orange Dodge Neon that my family has nicknamed “the Asian beetle” because of its size and color.
  • Kate: I have a Camry Hybrid, which is stealthy and flies below police radar!
    Britt: I am a Friends fanatic. I pretty much have every episode memorized.
  • Kate: My last needlepoint project was a Grateful Dead dancing bear pillowcase.
    Britt: I am addicted to traveling but terrified of flying. It won’t stop me though, so my life flashes before my eyes more than most people.
  • Kate: I want to move to Nantucket for the winters even though I consider anything below 70 degrees uninhabitable for extended lengths of time.
    Britt: I work in an ER and see some crazy, crazy things/people.
  • Kate: My dream retirement is to have a thoroughbred rescue farm.
    Britt: I live for finding a good deal. 70% off or more and I get downright elated. I could practically break out in song, it’s that good.
  • Kate: I looooooove sexy shoes, the higher the heels the better! As long as they aren’t hooker heels!
    Britt: I hate olives. Yuck.
  • Kate: I am 100% gray at the age of 34, although I cover it well.
    Britt: ‘N Sync songs are my guilty pleasure.
  • Kate: I’m an excellent shot with a sniper rifle, but I have no plans of making it a career path.
    Britt: I can’t really swim, but can doggie paddle like no one’s business.


  • What is your best tip for Writers Block?
    • Kate: Write the fun part that doesn’t come until further into the book, even if you scrap and rewrite it later.
    • Britt: Take a step back. Watch a movie, eat ice cream, decompress, and try again when you’re relaxed.
  • Pick a random word from the dictionary. What does it mean to you?
    • Kate: “Underhand”… Not to be trusted in any way, shape, or form!
    • Britt: “Decanter”… A vessel, usually an ornamental glass bottle, for holding and serving wine, brandy, or the like. What does it mean to me? Um, I’m a fan of wine, brandy, and the like. So yeah.
  • What are you most likely to plant in a garden?
    • Kate: This spring, lavender. And always my hybrid tea roses.
    • Britt: Hahahahaha!!!! Weeds? This girl does not have a green thumb, unfortunately.
  • If you could live in the fictional world from any book, where would you go?
    • Kate: Dan Rix’s world from Broken Symmetry, just to see where I could go!
    • Britt: Harry Potter, after Voldemort’s been dealt with of course. Magic and butterbeer, hell yeah!
  • What do you do to get yourself into ‘writing mode’?
    • Kate: Silence, water bottle, ergonomic chair, desk.
    • Britt: Pajamas, a comfy recliner, glass of wine at the ready, and the right music to match the tone of what I’m writing.
  • What is the closest green object to you right now?
    • Kate: A hand-knit-and-felted coaster.
    • Britt: A stuffed frog my boyfriend got me when I was sick.
  • What is a skill you’ve always wanted to learn?
    • Kate: Sign-language.
    • Britt: Painting
  • What office supply could you absolutely not function without?
    • Kate: My iPhone or my laptop.
    • Britt: I’m with Kate. ^^^^^^^
  • What is your favorite activity that does not require any kind of technology whatsoever? And just to make it interesting, let’s exclude reading or writing.
    • Kate: Knitting.
    • Britt: Walking.
  • What fictional character (either your own, or someone else’s) would you most like to accompany you while doing the above activity?
    • Kate: Rhett Butler, because it’s WRITTEN CANON that he’ll hold the skein of wool as you wind it into a ball.
    • Britt: Edward Cullen, because all I’d have to do is press myself against him if I needed to cool down. Heh.
  • If you wrote a story about you, your fictional friend, and this designated activity, what would you title it?
    • Kate: “Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Darn.” (Because I refuse to darn handknit socks, it’s easier to knit new ones.)
    • Britt: “Sparkle and Stride: Power Walking With a Vampire.”


1. What song tells your life story?
2. How many countries have you visited?  If you’ve never been outside your own country, what would your first international destination be?
3. Mandatory dinner date with either Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus…which one will it be?  (Yes, you have to pick one, no, you can’t poison your own food.)
4. If you could change the ending of any movie, which movie would you pick?  Please don’t explain how since people can get hostile about spoilers.
5. What is your favorite geographic location in the entire world?
6. What bizarre thing traumatized you as a child (e.g. clowns) and how?
7. Quick word association!  We say SELFIE, you think _______.
8. Who is your guilty celebrity crush that we now want you to share with the internet?
9. If you had to spend the rest of your life inside any museum, which one would you pick?
10. If you looked out the closest window right now, what would you see?
11. Why do you blog (or if you don’t blog, why do you read blogs)?

And Now How We Change the Rules to Suit Ourselves

As mentioned previously, the rules for this award have changed over the years, so we decided we’d be all rebellious and ADMIT we’re changing our rules!  Instead of tagging/awarding eleven people (because quite honestly, we only follow people whose writing we really love, which means we’d be nominating a lot more than eleven…plus we’re behind on our actual “follow” button pushing, even if we’re actually reading…you get the picture) here’s what we’re gonna do.  If we follow you, or you follow us (via blog or Twitter), and you have an up-to-date blog, CONSIDER YOURSELF NOMINATED!!!!  If you do decide to accept your nomination (and honestly, it was fun and quick), make sure you leave us a comment here or Tweet us, so we can add your name to a list at the end of this post with a link to your blog.  Then we’ll come over, comment on your answers, then Tweet our favorites because we’re reciprocal like that.  Which we’re pretty sure is the point all along…finding new blogs and interacting with them!

If you’d prefer the old-fashioned rules, which is cool too, they are as follows:
liebster-award-rulesAbove all, have fun with it!!!  Have a great weekend all!!!!!


Add Yours
  1. Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC

    You guys are a HOOT! I hit “follow” even before I got to your re-rules, which I think are simply grand.

    My busy brain was answering right along with you, wishing I had the time to post my own responses, nomination-free (responses that would change the nano-second I reached for them again – my particular brain redefines neuroplasticity).

    BUT KATE MY DEAR . . . what’s with the exclusion of the hooker heels? They have their place.

    You do have to remember not to try to WALK in them, however. (Why do you think God blessed the male members of our brood with quadruple helpings of upper body strength, leaving *us* only with something to tempt them to use it on our behalf?)

    I’ll be back – overdue to make last-minute plane reservations for an upcoming conference I MUST attend. Given my total lack of any sense of direction, it’s too far away to make it if I attempt a drive (even if to stop typing NOW and dedicate enough time to figure out how to “update maps” on my GPS and set out tonight.)

    Luckily, I happen to adore flying. It’s the pre-flight agita that terrorizes me — starting with trying to find my gate before the plane takes off.

    And struggling mightily to squeeze an overstuffed “this is TOO my purse” under my seat after desperately wriggling an overstuffed carry-on into the mandatory overhead compartment (and my multiple-layers-of-clothes-I-refuse-to-check BODY into the seat and under the seat-belt.)

    Oh, and the all-night fashion show that always begins the beguine, along with luggage locating, stuffing and zipping, and layering those outfits on my bod in the first place — not to mention hanging the loosing choices back on their hangers (especially hateful when I neglect to do so until AFTER I’m dressed to go).

    Also not too keen on what passes for food once you hit the air – that’s never a pleasant part of the trip. Especially since they will no longer allow “carry on food purchased beyond the check point” and my current gluten-free obsession now rules out Cinnabon.

    That checkpoint has its good points, however.

    It affirms my faith in a God who loves me and wishes me well (much evidence to the contrary otherwise), since I always say a little prayer that the beefy guy with the wand never locates anything that trips the alarm, forcing me to strip for all of the other passengers who would be glaring at me in the line and giggling behind their hands on the plane.

    So far He’s had my back on that one.

    The contents of those cute little booze-bottles help immensely. Too bad they never seem to have brandy which, like one of the Siamese Twins who blog here, is a particular fav of mine as well.

    Coffee back, please– POTS of coffee, since I’ve been up all night getting ready to go — speaking of which, I must.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “There ain’t no IS about ADD!”


  2. Kate and Britt

    Okay, good point about the hooker heels…I’ll turn up my nose ONLY if they’re made out of Lucite. With goldfish swimming in them. 😀 Happy and save travels to you!!!! -Kate


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