A Few Updates…

First things first, though…THANK YOU to everyone for your overwhelming support and well-wishes on our book launch!  We couldn’t do it without your support!!!  A few updates:

The paperback is now available on Amazon!  (And of course the e-book is still there too, if you’re a Kindle-reader!)

Pistils has been submitted to NookPress for our B&N Nook friends for publishing!  We’ll let you know the moment it’s available (probably tomorrow)!

We’re now on Goodreads!  We don’t bite and we love new friends, so come say hi!  Just keep in mind that although the book is ONE entity, on Goodreads we are two separate authors (so friend-/fan-ing one of us won’t automagically do the same for the other).

Also, R.S.A. Garcia just posted that she’s joined Goodreads as well, so go say hi to her too!  Are you on Goodreads?  Let us know so we can come give you some love!


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