Today is the Day!!!!!

Happy April Fool’s Day, fellow book lovers!!! I know, we picked quite a day to release our first novel into the world, but we are so excited!!! Kate and I have pretty much been bouncing off the walls all morning, ready to share our book with you and the rest of the world’s population! Of course there have been some bumps in the road (shocker, right?), but the paperback is now available on Amazon as well!ย In the meantime, if you are looking for a great e-book to read, have a few bucks lying around and want to support two blissed-out co-authors, may we present to you….


Pistils CoverNow available on Amazon, what whaaaaaaaaat!

Click the image above, here, or pretty much anywhere you see a link in this post to get your copy today, and hey, tell your friends about it too!

Happy release day everyone!!!

-Britt and Kate


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