waitingI know, Inigo Montoya, we hate waiting too!

So we have a firm release date…April 1st!  No April Fool’s Day joke (I hate those even more than waiting), it’s soooooo close I want it to be tomorrow!!!  No, I want to move the day up to today!  I want to be able to scream and yell and dance and Tweet and fling business cards like confetti!

But then I remember…patience is a virtue.  Ugh.

I force myself to remember that we have an actual schedule put in place for a reason, to make sure nothing is rushed, to make sure nothing slips by us.  I still have things to cross off my to-do list, and things to add to that to-do list (adds “Buy mini-bottle of bubbly” to list).  That there’s a reason we picked the day we did, and that if we just stick to the plan A-Team style, it’ll all come together.

Everybody please think nice thoughts for Britt…the death-flu-turned-pneumonia decided to harsh our pre-release week and she can barely even text me.  Not fun since we live nine hours apart and I can’t come over with chicken soup and chick flicks to make her feel better!

So in the meantime…when it comes to recovery from the blargh-flu and the release date…well…Vizzini speaks for both of us.



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  1. Trena Wallace

    Tell Brit that I’m thinking of her and that I hope she feels a lot better soon. You definitely got the “I hate waiting” gene from me.lol


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