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So you’re right in the middle of selling your book (literally and figuratively) to a potential new reader.  Your new friend wants to buy an e-book, yay!  “So how do I get it?” they ask.  You can either: a) Say “Uhhh…” and scramble around for a pen and scrap of paper to write down…what?  The title they should hunt for on Amazon?  Your blog?  Your e-mail address?  Or you can b) Whip out a business card and hand it to them!

The first thing an author thinks of for their bag of tricks probably isn’t a business card, but as we saw above, it’s necessary.  Just verbally telling a potential buyer the title of the book they should search for on Amazon is waaaaay more work than they should have to do, and there’s a good chance they’ll forget anything you tell them, or accidentally throw away the old receipt you wrote your book’s name on.

biz cardIf you want to make it even easier for them, if your potential buyer is technically inclined, you can have a custom QR code linked to your book/blog/website printed on the back (or, alternately, print out the QR code onto do-it-yourself labels and stick them on).

As you can see on our business card above, we’ve got all the ways a potential buyer can contact us or buy our book listed (we steer people to our blog because of Amazon Associates, a topic for another day).  Good business cards are heavier card stock than a scrap of paper, and tend to hold up better when stuffed in a pocket, wallet, or purse.  They make great bookmarks too!

When you get your business cards, give a mini-pile to your spouse and family members and encourage them to hand them out to people who seem even remotely interested.  Get over any shyness you might have…if you mention you’re an author and the person perks up a little, just go right ahead and hand them one.  Even if they never buy anything, you never know where that card might travel and who MIGHT end up buying your book after it passes through a few hands!

Probably the best source for writers who often have to watch every penny is Vistaprint.  They offer 250 business cards for FREE, you pay only shipping and handling (less than $5 within the continental U.S.).  The downside is that you have to pick from a limited range of templates, but it’s a good place to start.  Besides, by the time you’ve handed out all 250 of those cards, surely you’ll have sold enough books to buy the customizable cards next…maybe with a lovely picture of your book cover on the front!




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  1. OliviaBerrier

    Thanks for posting this!! I’m actually really curious about this idea of writers having business cards (I didn’t know until recently that it was…allowed…) I guess my main question is what exactly does one put on such a card? I’m guessing blog / website / twitter. My name would probably help.

    But what else? Book titles / Genres / “I’m a writer” / the publishing company for the book / etc. Business cards are fairly tiny, so at some point I’d think they’d look crowded if there was too much on them. But at the same time, I feel like it would need to be personal enough that the finder of the card will remember you.

    Any advice would be much appreciated 🙂


    • Kate and Britt

      Hi Olivia! Thank you for commenting!!!
      If you click on the photo of our business card, it’ll jump to a bigger view so you can see what we have on ours. I would absolutely put your name and “Author” (Britt and I also have “Owners” on ours, since we had to form an actual company for tax purposes, blah blah). If you have your own imprint (as we do, Twintype Books), put that on there! Your blog address ABSOLUTELY, and your Twitter address…people will definitely follow you because they want to get to know the person behind the book they love! Genre would also be an awesome idea if you have room for it…if nothing else, you could put “Author of (genre) Books” instead of just Author. Just keep in mind that will limit you if you write more than just one genre.

      Don’t hesitate to comment again if you have any other questions, and if you do order your cards, let us know!!!!!! Now I’m off to check out your blog!!! 😀



  2. OliviaBerrier

    Thank you so much, Kate! 😀

    I noticed that you guys also have your e-mail address on there. I do have a “contact me” section on the blog that feeds into my e-mail, but do you think that’s enough? I know some people aren’t really blog-savvy, but again, I’m worried about the card looking too busy.


    • Kate and Britt

      Hi Olivia! I put the e-mail addy on for people who might want to contact us for something specific, like interviews, blog tours, etc…it’s one less degree of separation for people who want to contact us, especially if they have a solid plan, question, and/or email attachments. My suggestion would be to get on Vistaprint and play around with it…pick a template you like and put your info in it, then add/subtract/move around things until it’s visually appealing to you.

      As to some people not being blog-savvy, you’re very right! One of them is my own husband…he looked at the business card and said “which one of these is the…what? Blog?” 😀


      • OliviaBerrier

        Haha… yeah, that’s the pretty much same reaction I got from my parents. 😛

        Okay, well I feel properly motivated to look into this idea. Thanks for helping me get started! I really appreciate it, and I’ll definitely let you know if I end up getting some.

        Happy writing!


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