So Sweet, You Gave Me a Toothache!

Just a quick post here, being that Britt and I are taking a self-imposed week-long vacation from all things Pistils for clarity (HAHAHAHAHAHA, anyway) as we await our paperbacks…she’s going to Vegas and I’m going to relax.  Maybe.

So here is something quick and easy that makes me happy…websites that are so sweet (and I mean AWESOME, not fluffy bunnies) that they give me a toothache!*  Check ’em out!

Forever Young Adult: Does what it says on the tin, but it’s my go-to for their Vampire Diaries recaps.  Go ahead, judge away, see if I care!

Television Without Pity: Has forums and recaps for almost EVERYTHING!  What is especially nice is that their forums are heavily moderated, so spammers, trolls, and morons are weeded out at warp speed.  They do have fairly strict (but fair) rules about posting, so read those over before you fling yourself into the latest Blacklist discussion.

1bruce1: They have recaps of almost all the Sweet Valley books.  Mission accomplished, nostalgia achieved, ’nuff said. (YouTube channel): Are you a total sucker for anything involving a COUNTDOWN?!?!?  I know, me too.  Tell me about a show counting down the Top 10 Most Boring Things on Earth, and I’ll watch it.  This YouTube channel takes the countdown thing to a whole other level…they have hundreds? thousands? of countdowns, ranging from Top 10 Movie Crime Bosses to Top 10 Creepy Kids Movies.

And finally, drumroll please…one of my hands-down favorite places to go when I need a laugh…Cleolinda, aka Occupation: Girl!  Everything she writes is made of win, but you must must MUST check out her Movies in 15 Minutes (seriously, this is not an option, you MUST) and if you’re a Twilight fan (or not), check out her Twi recapsThe Secret Life of Dolls, although not updated in a long time, is also worth reading.  Just…not at work.  They may mistake your choking and wheezing as a dire medical emergency as opposed to restrained laughter.

Do you have a favorite (or even favorite guilty pleasure/toothache)?  Please feel free to share it here, I’m always looking for new ones!!!


*(c) Clueless, or at least that was the first place I heard the expression!