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This weekend I have been a busy little bee getting all-things-autographs finished and ready to go!  Free autographed bookplates and bookmarks have always been a thing, and will continue to be so, but now I’m working on a storefront that will allow you to purchase the paperbacks with the personalization/autograph written on the actual title page, instead of using a bookplate…I’ve found that these are super-popular as gifts!  It’s a work-in-progress for the weekend, but my goal is for it to be fully-stocked by Monday, and you can check it out here!  (Evil sneaky hint: if you are an OG fan of Julip Bags, there will be crossover.  MWAH-HA-HA!!!)

Release Date for Thistles!

So back a couple of weeks ago I was super-psyched to share the cover reveal for Thistles, today I’m even more excited to share the Official Launch Date: next Friday, July 13th!

I vote that we open our own detective agency. You_re the brains, I_m obviously the beauty, and Gran is our hired muscle

There are three reasons for me picking that date:

  1. It’s my birthday so I’m celebrating with a book launch, woot!
  2. It’s Friday the 13th, I was born on a Friday the 13th and it’s always been a very very lucky date for me (it’s actually the only occasion I EVER buy lottery tickets, thirteen tickets each time my birthday falls on a Friday the 13th)
  3. I’m already working on the next book in the series for July’s Camp Nano, so I want to get this one out to you stat!

It’s an introductory novella, so it’s going to essentially give you the rundown on how both Pistils (the flower shop) and P&V, Inc. (the PI company) came to be…it starts with Vivian coming back to Charleston and the girls taking their destinies into their own hands.  Oh, and Gran, of course!

you two girls are the only family I have left in this world. If you think I_m going to let you take off and leave me here, then you_ve both got another think coming

The e-book will be available FREE across all platforms (Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, etc.), and the paperback (because I’m right up there with all of you who love a paperback copy) will be available at the lowest price I’m allowed to set.  They have to cover the costs of printing, and I completely respect that…but being that it’s a novella, it will cost significantly less than a full-fledged novel.

Patient Zero.

After Thistles is launched and out there, my next two goals are full-speed ahead:

  1. Little Goal: Get paperbacks of all the books available for purchase through this website, so you can order personalized/autographed copies, bundles, gifts, gift-wrapped, whatever you like!  (Bookplates and bookmarks are already available!)
  2. BIG Goal: Finish the next book in the Pistils series.  I can tell you two things about it that aren’t secrets (because my awesome Camp Nano Scribbler Cabin bunkmates are already privy to this information): it picks up almost immediately after Pistils, and it’s called Nightshade.

Ships in bottles, mobsters in prison…are they really that different? One good smash and there_s going to be hell to pay, not to mention a big mess.

Finally, if you’re wondering about the pics in this post, they’re all quotes from Thistles, and I post a new photo-quote from one of the Pistils series books almost every single day over on the Twintype Books Instagram page.  I hope you’ll follow the account, I always follow back any active author/writing-type accounts, as long as you’re not obviously a follow-unfollow chump.  If you have a private account or an account that you keep just for following others (aka no pics of your own), just comment on one of my posts that you came over from the blog, and I’m happy to follow/request to follow private accounts!

(Pssst…I’ve already started to post photo-quotes from Nightshade.  Talk about sneak-peeks!)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!!


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Writer Tool Review! Outlining Your Novel Workbook

outlining your novel workbookHappy Camp Nano July-eve, all!  I’m chomping at the bit to get started, I’m going to send up a little prayer to my writer-muse to let me hit the ground running and be on a roll tomorrow, and I’ve even rooted out what will be my official Writing Candle to light when I sit down to crank out my (planned minimum) 1000 words per day.

In preparation for the upcoming month, I wanted to review a book that I genuinely didn’t think that I wanted or needed: Outlining Your Novel Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises for Planning Your Best Book.  Read on to find out if it would be of help to you!

I am what is known in very technical author-y terms as a “Pantser,” that is, someone who writes by the seat of their pants.  To be honest, the terms rubs me the wrong way, as it implies recklessness, a lack of forethought, or leaving your book up to chance, whereas being a Planner implies that one is responsible, thoughtful, and pays more attention to detail.

Let’s face it: would you rather your financial adviser be a Pantser or a Planner?  Uh-huh.

Cover Reveal for Thistles

Thistles Cover JPEG

Thistles is the perma-free novella that introduces the Pistils romantic thriller series AND, as a closing bonus, includes the first three chapters of the next book in the series!

Want to be notified as soon as the e-copy of Thistles is available FREE for download on your favorite platform??  Sign up for the new and improved mailing list and you’ll be the first to know!

Bookmarks for Free!

I’ve made little references to this in the past, but free signed Twintype Books bookmarks are officially here!  If you’ve been following for a while, you know that signed bookplates have been available free for some time…if you’re like me and have a special love for autographed books, but purchased a copy via Amazon, never fear!  Fill out the form and I’ll send you a customized, autographed bookplate to lovingly place in your paperback.  But more about that in a moment…

Instagram for Readers and Writers

IMG_1507We all have our favorite child when it comes to social media: I have a Facebook page (along with a group I haven’t had a chance to play with), a Twitter account, a Snapchat I open once a month or so, plus Goodreads and my beloved blog…but my true love is Instagram.  Photography has been a passion of mine for a long time, and I love the (kinda) straightforward nature of it, so I decided to make Instagram my #1 focus when it came to social media and Twintype Books (username: twintypebooks).

Being a bookish-type person (both writers and readers) poses a particular challenge when you decide to make a dedicated Instagram account.  My account is devoted 100% to my books, reviews of other’s books, book-y things like the newest Scribbler box (OMG!), book signing events, etc.  There is absolutely no personal content (and by that, I mean having nothing to do with books) on my account.  It’s truly a business account dedicated solely to a) marketing Twintype Books and b) connecting with a community I love.  I took an online Instagram class that I truly attribute to cleaning up my act, and I was off!  One thing I didn’t know about were the challenges that face all us book fiends on IG.

3-D Images of Your Book Cover

sub rosa 3d
It’s amazing how fate can sometimes do you a major favor and save you from yourself.  Just the other day, I was mournfully contemplating how I was probably going to have to end up paying for a 3-D rendering of my book cover, when I came a site created by Derek Murphy.  And there it was…a 3-D book cover generator.  “Something Good” from The Sound of Music began playing in the background as I clicked in, uploaded the cover for Sub Rosa, and BOOM, my world changed!

To quote the site itself: “Finally, an easy-to-use tool for making book mockups and 3D covers.  It’s about damn time.”